jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

Uruguay and its legalization .

 A few days ago we heard the new rules that are going to lead the marijuana market in Uruguay .

Firstly we should make and appointment about the fact that Uruguay became  the first country to legalize the marijuana trade .

This makes Uruguay a kind of experiment in this area , because this new law introduces new features that never have been checked before .

One of them was the possibility of buying marijuana in some authorized pharmacies . Cannabis consumers will be able to buy a maximum of 40 grams each month , and they ,obviously,  must  be over eighteen  , and also they have the choice to make "cannabis clubs" where they could grow a maximum of 99 plants each year .

The law as well allow to cultivate four plants of cannabis each year per consumer .

All this changes will appear in April , when the law will be starting to run . The novelty in this case is that Uruguay was the first country in legalize all the chain , since the production until the selling passing through the consumption .

What would be the price of this new law , how it will change the point of view of the civilians ? , It will help the Uruguay government to rule in a better way the black market of drugs? .

We don't know yet the answer for all this questions , but that we already known is that this bold decision will found precedent  , and some of the countries that rules the world are looking to Uruguay with curious eyes .

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