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Neuhardenberg ; The largest photovoltaic central in Germany .

Nowadays with the price of the gas rising everyday ,with its fluctuations in the global market ,and the different problems that all of this involved , makes even more necessary the implantation of the new sources of energy in the economy of each country , for that the German government is improving and researching about this matter , investing a big amount of money for develop and install renewable energies.

Today we are going to turn our neck and take a look to the first European economy .

There , and more concretely  in a town of unpronounceable name which they called "Neuhardenberg"  ,we have a installation of photovoltaic energy that will provide this year in all the bets a amount of 19.690.000 kw/year  ,it represents the necessary energy  to provide light and power to more or less fifty thousand homes . It will help as well to don't release a amount of thirty thousand tonnes of CO to the environment . 

Going deeply in the installation we could say that it uses an area of 35 ha  and it was sited in a old airfield which belongs to a unused military area which has a surface of 120 ha  .

This plant has approximately 60.000 photovoltaic panels which brand is Talesun TP600P  , which provides a  maximum power of 235 W each one ,the voltage at maximum power of these modules ranges between 29,5 V and 29,7 V with a module efficiency of 14,5 % or 14,8% .

The data sheet of this panel is the next 


How we could see it is a mono crystalline panel and it withstands high wind loads as well it has a really good performance during the time  , ensuring it a 80 % of efficiency until the 25 years . 

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